Saree is a unique form of dress from India which is very unique and comes in variety of color, material, designs and styles. A saree is a piece of fabric, usually 5 to 9 yards in length, which is draped around the body in many different styles. It is spectacularly versatile apparel and is worn by almost every Indian lady, atleast once in her life. Its versatility makes it an apt choice, anytime and anywhere, lending loads of grace and glamor to the wearer.

The existence of saree has defined the very essence of womanhood, since time immemorial. For some, it may be just nine yards of cloth worn around the body, but for some, it encompasses the everlasting charm of a proud Indian Woman.


Sarees may very well symbolize the ethnicity and the rich culture of India, but alongside, they are even endowed with the responsibility of bringing to the fore the true religion and passion of a woman.


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